A Look At The Top 4 Best Lightweight Backpacking Tents

A Look At The Top 4 Best Lightweight Backpacking Tents

If you enjoy any amount of time in the great outdoors, then you can definitely benefit by taking along a lightweight backpacking tent on your excursions. If you hike, go canoeing, hunt, or camp, a tent offers shelter from the sun, rain, and other elements.

Whether you are staying somewhere overnight, or for any extended period of time, or you simply want a place to rest or nap during a day trip, take along a lightweight backpacking tent whenever you go anywhere.

When hiking or carrying a tent with you, consider weight, fold-up size, etc. You’ll want a tent that won’t weigh you down, and one that is easy to set up and take down. Consider also how many people will be sleeping in the tent. Most lightweight backpacking tents will comfortably sleep two or three people.

Some tents come with a footprint, while others are sold separately. Two of the options featured here come with the footprint. The footprint goes under your tent floor to protect it from routine wear or an overlooked stick, pinecone, rock, etc.

Here you will find reviews on the top 4 best lightweight backpacking tents and what they offer. Any of these tents will serve you well for many years.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Best Lightweight Backpacking TentsThe Mountain Ultra Tent from TETON has some great features that you’re going to love. The micro mesh inner tent provides optimal ventilation in any type of weather. The bathtub floor is extra-high, and this tent features heat-taped seams and anchor points for durability.

The clip-on rainfly offers privacy and protection from the weather, and offers pass-through ventilation technology. However if you want to use the tent without the rainfly, the micro mesh technology naturally ventilates to fend off condensation, and it allows you to enjoy the views around you during nice weather.

The single pole design is great for simple set up and break down, and mesh gear pockets allow you to store items for easy and quick access.

The mesh seams are reinforced, as are the anchor points, so this is a tent that will last you for many years.

The Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is lightweight weighing only 4.4 pounds (this includes footprint), so you can easily carry it with you on any outdoor adventure. It is not only water resistant, but it’s very well built, and it comes with a guarantee. When set up the tent measures 82” x 32” x 39.5” and when packed it measures 17”-20” x 6” x 6.”

Included Oxford Footprint.

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Tribe Provisions Adventure Tent II

Best Lightweight Backpacking TentsThe Adventure Tent II by Tribe Provisions sleeps two comfortably, and it weighs less than 5 pounds.

You can set this tent up and tear it down within 5 minutes, and the dual side openings allow you to enter and exit the tent in two places, which means you don’t have to crawl over anyone, or make someone move so you can get in or out of the tent.

This tent allows you to keep things organized and handy by offering a ceiling hook, a ceiling pocket and two side pockets to store your things.

The vented rainfly keeps air moving throughout the tent nicely, and the overhang keeps the ground directly outside of the door dry. You can also keep wet boots and other gear under the overhang, keeping your tent free from water, mud, etc. Clips make cinching the rainfly down an easy task.

You get a carrying bag with the tent that includes a section for your tent poles and stakes. Aluminum Y-Peg stakes are strong yet lightweight.

The shell of the Adventure Tent II is made of 210T RS polyester, which is durable, lightweight, and soft. This is a great option for hiking, and will easily travel with you.

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Winterial 2-Person Easy Setup Light Weight Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent

Best Lightweight Backpacking TentsThis lightweight backpacking tent by Winterial comes with two metal-tipped tent poles that are durable and four metal stakes.

Two zippered doors allow for easy entrance and exit of the tent from both sides. This nylon tent features a waterproof bottom and a two-layer door.

This lightweight tent is easy to set up and take down, and it folds up to a compact size that is easy to carry with you anywhere you venture.

When tent is set up it measures 76” x 60” x 42” and when packed it measures 4” x 4” x 23.5.” This is a nice compact size and can easily be taken with you on all of your outdoor excursions.

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MSR Elixir 3-Person Tent

Best Lightweight Backpacking TentsThe Elixir 3-Person Tent is lightweight weighing around 5 pounds. You also have the option to set it up in fast and light mode weighing 4 lbs. 4 oz. using only the rainfly, poles, and included footprint.

The unique poles allow for optimal head and elbow room easily sleeping three or allowing two people to move and live comfortably.

The rainfly allows for ventilation and views of the world around you, and two large StayDry doors offer easy entrance and exit of the tent.

The color-coded poles, clips and webbing allow for easy set up and a freestanding design.

This is a great tent for overnight and extended periods outdoors.

Footprint included.

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Final Thoughts

Wherever life takes you, take along a lightweight backpacking tent for comfort, shelter, and convenience. Four great options have been featured here, each with their own unique design and features.

Protection from sun, rain, bugs, and outdoor critters will make your day trips and vacations more pleasant, and a tent offers these things to you. When you are hiking or walking any distance, you’ll want a lightweight tent that will travel easily with you.

Consider tents that are easy to set up and take down, and ones that are well ventilated and durable. Look at the design of the tent, and make sure it will be comfortable for you, too.

It’s nice to have more than one size tent on hand, too, because you never know when a buddy or two will want to join you.

So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors, and stay dry and comfortable in one of these lightweight backpacking tents!

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