ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent Review

ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent Review

This season, if you are looking for a solid and reliable tent, one which guarantees you a dry night and a vacation free from faulty zippers, then the ALPS Mountaineering tents are your best choice. ALPS Mountaineering is a long time outdoor manufacturer dating back to 1993. The company is one of the most established outdoor equipment manufacturers. ALPS has always been keen on producing products with their consumers in mind. As a result, their products have, over the years been well received and even won numerous awards. Today we take a look at one of their highest rated products, the ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent.

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The ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent, is an all rounded tent offering you the best of everything all in an affordable package. The Morada 4 person tent boasts of a free standing posture alongside 2 doors for easier entry and exit. The tent also houses 2 vestibules to help you store your belongings close. Let’s take a further look at why the Morada 4 person tent is a solid choice for your next outdoor expedition.


Ample Space

Being a 4 person tent, the rectangular shaped tent offers adequate space for 4 average-sized people. The space can comfortably accommodate 3 or 4 persons without everyone feeling confined. Unlike most tents, which improve on space at the expense of headroom, the Morada comes with a cross pole that maximizes head room above the doors making entry and exit even easier.

As mentioned before, the tent also has 2 vestibules for ample camping gear storage.


Easy to Setup

Assembling the ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent is easy since it comes with colored tent clips that simply snap in place, over the poles.


ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent

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Excellent Ventilation

The Morada 4 tent comes with mesh roof vents as well as windows on the 2 doors to increase air flow thus preventing condensation inside the tent. This leaves your tent fresh and uncongested.

On top of that, the mesh roof vents also make start gazing during the night possible from the comfort of your tent.


Great Outdoor Performance

ALPS Mountaineering is well known for provide durable and reliable tents and the Morada series is no exception. During the wet season, the tent guarantees a dry night thanks to the polyester taffeta wall material that is waterproof. On top of that the tents floor material is also made of polyester taffeta that is waterproof up to 3000mm.

During the sunny days, to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, ALPS put a urethane coating that resists UV damage on the polyester fly.

For those worried about the stability of the tent, you will be happy to know that in addition to the free standing posture, the tent also has two traversing 7000-series aluminum poles that are not only strong but also lightweight.

In addition to that, the tent also comes with extra-large zippers on the doors and vestibules to make it easy to open.


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