ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent Review

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent Review

The ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent is a top quality 1-Person 3-Season tent that has a simple design that is meant to help enhance your next camping trip. It is one of the few tents that actually helps create a good set of protection for you when you decide to camp aloe. Although it is pretty small, it is designed for individuals who want to relax and enjoy a fun tent experience.

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Superseal Floor

This floor makes it so much easier for you because it can protect you so well. The floor is also relaxing and easy to laydown on. The floor is quite strong because it is not easy to break and can protect such bad weather, worms, and water to drip inside of the tent, which is such a common tenting problem. The weather ventilation is also pretty good which makes this a really good thing to consider using.

Amazing Extra Headroom

The design of the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent  was made to properly help make it much easier for you to have extra headroom. The headroom was designed to make it so much easier for you if you want to have some extra space for you to put your head up. This makes it very easy for some of you trying to have the extra space. It is possible because the sides of the tent go around and up.

Polyester Fly

This is a feature most people oftentimes are very excited about. The entire design makes it possible to avoid having the sun to hit you which can be quite dangerous for some people going camping. The sun is good to be under to get some vitamin D, but too much is bad. Avoid those UV rays all day long when you use this. The overall design is able to stay tout.

VentilationALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent

The worst feeling to go through in a tent is when it is designed to make you seem as if there is no light outside. Some tents can make you feel trapped inside without any ventilation. The entire tent was designed and made to make it easier to breathe. Being made out of polyester, it makes it more than easy to actually be capable of breathing since it provides great ventilation and weather protection. It can protect you very well if you know what you are doing.


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What Do People Think?

Many people have claimed that it fits exactly just one adult, but even a child or two can still squeeze in a bit if they are small. Many people like how it is able to withstand the wind very well during the night when camping. If you do not want to get blown away, this tent was built for heavy rainfall, strong winds, and any rainstorms that may be coming your way. It is considered the best thing anybody could buy because it is so easy to carry around when you take it all apart.


The best and biggest benefits people have to say is that this backpacking tents is  lightweight and easy to carry around since it is pretty small and just for one person. There are also very few items to put together, which makes it amazingly easy for you when you try to build the tent. It is able to avoid rain and push out every form wind, so it is very strong. Customers liked this a lot, and it has been a big help. It is said to be very easy to setup. Very little is done in order to begin using this and putting it up to work, so this is a worthwhile thing to be using. The easy assembly with the the pole clips snap over the tent poles very well making it stronger.

You will find that nothing can ever beat the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Backpacking Tent for you singles out there. It is very well made with top of the line features. Being so easy to use, simple, and extremely strong, it is the best one that you can buy on the market today. It has received numerous great remarks because of how well it is made. If you need a professional tent that is just too easy to use, you can rely on the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent: 1-Person 3-Season to give you the camping trip you want.

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