Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent Review

Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent Review

One of the latest brands from the renowned outdoor product manufacturer ALPS is the Cedar Ridge. Designed for extreme durability and comfort, the Cedar Ridge brand comes to mind as one of the most complete package tents you can get for your money. With ALPS reputation behind it, all Cedar Ridge products are built with the best materials and construction methods. Today we take a look at one of the brands highest rated products, the Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent.


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The Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent stands out as a 3-season complete outdoor package. It’s one of those tents that simply has everything you need to enjoy a good vacation. So let’s take a closer look at the tent and see why it should be your next.

Comes with a Free-Standing Posture

Camping in the often windy places tends to be a bit tricky especially if your tent is not designed to handle the swaying back and forth and occasional shaking. The Rimrock 6 suffers from none of these thanks to its free standing two pole design that gives it the much needed stability.

On top of that, you also get guy-out loops that can be attached on the fly for extra stability especially during storms.

Well-Ventilated Interior

Most low quality tents end up getting cold and stuffy inside especially during the nights. The Rimrock 6 handles evades this thanks to its two zippered windows; the front and rear, not to mention its large side mesh panels. Needless to say, you won’t be gasping for air while inside this tent. On top of that, the two zippered windows also offer amazing visibility.

UV Protection

We’ve all heard or read enough stories about the harmful effects of prolonged UV exposure. With that in mind, the Clear Bridge, like most ALPS tents comes with an 185T Polyester Fly designed to resist UV damage.

Factory Sealed Fly

Worried about how it performs on those rainy days? Thanks to a factory sealed fly and seams, your floor is guaranteed to remain dry regardless of the weather.


Looking for an easy to reach place to stash your torch, map, cellphone etc.? The Rimrock 6 comes with dedicated interior mesh storage pockets and a gear loft.

Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent Storage

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Measuring 10′ X 10′ not to mention an interior height of 6′, the Rimrock 6 is able to comfortably accommodate 4 persons with ease. Thanks to two doors, you won’t have to step on anyone when leaving or entering.

Easy to Set up

Like most new tents, the Rimrock 6 is requires little to no effort, even for beginners to set up. This is partially because of the ring and pins system for fast and easy set-up. Cross ventilation also helps keep the tent secure in place making it easy to take it down.


While it’s not a light tent, ALPS have gone out of their way to try to maintain a lighter package by using fiberglass shock coded poles. This ensures you won’t struggle too much over the course of your journey.

Final Thoughts

Priced reasonably, it’s safe to say that your money will be well spent on the Cedar Ridge Rimrock 6 Tent. I highly recommend it to those looking for a full package without any extras and are looking for a reliable 3-season tent that can easily accommodate 4 people with ease. To top it off, the Rimrock 6 has a current rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.


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