Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent Review

Summer has just arrived so you and your family are going to be having a bunch of activities. These activities may include going to the beach, theme parks, having picnic, and even hiking. Although these are fun activities, there is no better way to bond with your family than through camping. You will be surprised on how many families go camping every year just to get to know each other better and really do things they can’t do when they get busy. Although there are numerous tents that you can buy, none can really compare to the Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent. This tent is filled with amazing features that will make every camping trip more enjoyable.

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One of the main advantages to owning this specific tent is the fact that it is super easy to put up and down. You won’t have to worry about spending too much time trying to set it all up because it was made to be easy for everyone to set up. Another great trait this tent offers is the fact that it has roof and windows vents that promotes maximum ventilation for comfort. It also was made with tough polyester that is super durable and won’t damage even if it gets wet. This tent was also made with external guy points that will keep your tent sturdy and strong throughout your entire camping experience. The tent also has a very soft and smooth texture that will make you feel comfortable at all times. On top of that, this tent is very easy to pack, so if you are going to hike after a night, you will notice how convenient this tent is to carry. Lastly, it can fit any queen size bed with ease, which is perfect for anyone who may be camping with their family members. However, just like any other item, this tent also has a couple drawbacks that may be quite annoying to some people.

The only drawback to this tent would have to be the fact that it can’t fit more than 3 people, mainly because it can only fit beds that fit only three people. It also isn’t that great of a tent for the Winter, which explains why it is a great tent for the Summer. Other than that, it is a very great tent that you will find to be a decent investment.


The Features Of The Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent

The main feature to this tent would probably be the fact that it happens to be very affordable. This is a plus, considering the fact that most of the tents on the market today are very expensive.

Overall, this specific tent is a really tent for this Summer. You will find that this tent to be durable, comfortable to be in, and easy to assemble. It also doesn’t keep out the wind, making it the perfect tent for hot days.

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