Eureka! Solitaire Tent Review

Eureka! Solitaire Tent Review

Are you looking for a top of the line solo backpacking tent? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Any solo backpacker knows just how hard it is to find a great tent with an affordable price that will suit all your needs. Because of this, today we take a look at a tent whose reputation precedes any and all other criticism, the Eureka! Solitaire Tent.

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Eureka started off in the early 1890’s in Binghamton, New York providing custom tents, horse blankets, wagon covers among other things to the community. Today, the company is now a leading manufacturer in the outdoor recreation industry. With over 120 years of experience, Eureka strives to provide its customers with quality outdoor gear. Eureka, now owned by Johnson Outdoor Inc. manufactures field-proven tents, sleeping bags, mats, camping furniture and even outdoor shelters. Their products have over the past years generated worldwide acclaim and recognition and the Eureka Solitaire is no exception to this.

The Eureka! Solitaire Tent is Eureka’s lightest and compact solo tent to date. This fully featured tent has been praised for exceptional quality and top of the line features. The tent is great for singular trekking/hiking as well as walkabouts. Let’s take a look at how well the ten handles against the common features.



The Eureka! Solitaire Tent is an ultralight backpacking tent. Being lightweight, it weighs only 2 pounds and 9 ounces equivalent to 1 kg. This guarantees that you are able to travel/trek further with the reduced weight. If you are looking for a lightweight solo tent then this is definitely the one to go for.



Most solo tents lack the needed space for comfort but the Eureka Solitaire backpacking tent comes with an ample space of 21.3 sq. feet. On top of that, there’s an internal center height of 2’4 feet. This makes movement inside the tent easier. The tent also comes with two storage pockets as well as a flashlight loop for you to store your stuff.



Looking to step away for the streamlined designs most tents have, Eureka designed this tent with a two-hoop bivy design that offers an efficient tunnel design at the cost of a free standing posture. The sleek design utilizes space and makes setting up easier compared to other streamlined tents.

Eureka Solitaire Tent With Rain Fly

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Eureka tents are well known for being some of the most comfortable and this tent does not disappoint. The tent is designed with a large mesh roof that provides maximum ventilation making the tent fresh. On top of that, it also provides an excellent view for start gazing without bugs disturbing you, all from the comfort of your tent.



The Eureka Solitaire, like most Eureka tents is built with the award winning 70D nylon taffeta. The fabric is very durable, lightweight and performs very well in different scenarios. The Eureka! Solitaire uses the 70D nylon taffeta for its floor material as well as its Fly fabric.


Easy to Set Up

The Eureka Solitaire utilizes the two hoop bivy design that helps make setting up easier even for beginners. It comes with a stake and two poles which are shock corded for support hence setting it up is a breeze. It also has nylon pole sleeves tent that make installation simple. The average time to set up is roughly 4 minutes.



The Eureka! Solitaire Tent was designed to fully support 3 seasons. It comes with a 6.3mm fiberglass shock-corded frame for support. The frame is strong enough to hold up against even high winds. During the rainy season, the tent remains dry throughout thanks to the fully seam taped rain-fly. The fly can be attached and removed very fast in case of unpredictable weather condition. To prevent moisture, a waterproof floor is provided when buying the tent.

During the sunny seasons, the zipped roof can be opened to allow air to circulate more freely as well as provide an exit.



Seasons: 3

Capacity: 1 person

Floor Area: 21.3 sq. feet

Internal Height: 2 feet 4 inches

Floor fabrics: 70D nylon taffeta

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Fiberglass Frame

Fully Seam taped


Final Thoughts

For this review, the Eureka Solitaire tent scores an impressive 9 out of 10 due to its user friendly price and features. If you are in the need of a lightweight and compact tent for your solo backpack adventure then this tent is highly recommended.

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