Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent Review

Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent Review

The Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent is a two person tent with a compact design from the Kelty brand. Kelty has received numerous awards and respect for their wide range of backpacking tents. They have plenty of tents available, this specific model definitely is one of the best ones on the market today.

This high-end brand provides a wide range sleeping bags, backpacking tents, and also traditional backpacks that are just right to use. Being based in Colorado, they know first hand how to achieve comfort and stay warm during the cold weather. They are one of the first companies to have ever designed an external frame backpack made for civilians. Asher Kelty is the man behind this brand, and most people say he is the inventor of the aluminum framed backpacks.

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What is the Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent?

This award winning two person tent provides comfort, relaxation, and the perfect size for a couple to come together as they travel. It is designed with the traveling person in mind. Back in 2011, they won the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards because of its overall unique look and how well it was made. You will find that this tent works so very well, so you should consider giving it a shot.

Yes, it may be designed as the typical freestanding tent, it works so perfectly well and has features that you may find to be very worthwhile. It truly is a great tent and can provide for you and your loved one some protection as you go to sleep in your tent in public. It has dimensions of exactly 88 by 55 by 43 inches, so it is pretty big and gives just the right amount of space for two people.

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Taped Seams on Ripstop Nylon Floor and Rainproof Dome Fly

The taped seams on the tripstop nylon floor provides great comfort as you relax. The nylon floor makes it easy to walk around. Using another set of foam can be worthwhile to put on the floor, but it isn’t exactly necessary.

The rainproof dome fly is the next big feature because it can protect you inside from having the rain pour in. The protection and extra material makes sure that water and flies cannot come in. This is very powerful, simple, and a wonderful feature to have that ensures you are completely safe. The rainproof is one thing Kelty has enforced because of its powerful protection from the pain and small bits of water that can pour in on accident.

Internal storage pockets

Need a nice place to put your phone or toothbrushes? The internal storage pockets are very large and can hold many stuff inside. There are some tents on the market right now that are just too annoying to use that cannot hold enough people. The storage pockets inside of this tent are large and easy to hold. Most people tend to struggle when it comes down to putting some of their main stuff inside special places. The Kelty brand always considers this as one of the most important parts of their tents. Internal storage pockets are surely useful.


The entire set of zippers are completely noiseless and do not create any type of sound at all. Sometimes, noisy zippers are extremely tough to have once you try to open up your tent. If you want to leave the tent whenever you want, you will find that your friend or lover may wake up if he or she is still asleep. The noiseless feature makes it a worthwhile investment, and it definitely is a helpful investment.

Perfect Space

There is around 10 square feet inside that gives you a spacious interior design. The spacious area makes it comfortable and easy to place bags inside because of the additional space inside. A must have for every backcountry experience. The proper ventilation is a great and helpful additional part of this tent.


The best part about this tent is how well it works. The lightness of this tent makes it so easy when trying to get down to your local campsite. If you are struggling with trying to get this out to your spot and you have to walk, it is not difficult to bring this around with you. The light design enhances everything.

Easy to Setup

It is completely easy to set this up. You do not need experience. Just follow the instructions, and you will find that you can get this up and running in nearly no time at all. The easy design makes it so easy to access everything with ease.

No See Um Mesh Quality

This simple type of quality makes it more than possible to protect your tent from having the annoying bugs make their way inside. While normal mesh may work well already, you will find that the No See Um Mesh feature protects the entire tent from allowing for small insects and bugs to come in. Once that tent is zipped up completely, the overall quality is amazing and can keep you away from the bugs that may be coming around your home.


What do people say?

Nearly 100% of all customers loved the Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent because of its easy to pitch design, proper strength when withstanding storms and winds, and the overall protection from the flies and bugs. It is truly one of the few tents that most people just love. Most reviewers on Kelty have exclaimed their love for the ArcEdge floor and the cool mesh wall that protects bugs from coming inside. The winds and rain can be avoided as well. It is literally rainproof, and this single feature makes it all worthwhile.

This rainproof and award winning tent has received remarkable praise. Everything from the Taped floor seams to the Gear-loft loops to the guyout points; it all comes together to form this wonderfully crafted tent. It is meant for offering complete protection and giving comfort. If you are backpacking your way to different campgrounds, consider the Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent. It has all the features you need for a fun set of camping nights.

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