Stansport Hunter Series Trophy Hunter Tent

Stansport Hunter Series Trophy Hunter Tent

Founded back in 1949, Stansport may not be the largest outdoor brand name but they do make a strong statement when it comes to the best camping gear. The company specializes in manufacturer of outdoor gear ranging from tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, camp cookware and other camp variety. Stansport strives to bring out the best moments during your outdoor venture with their key slogan “Where we make Camping Fun”. Today we take a look at one of their highest rated tents, the Stansport Hunter Series Trophy Hunter Tent.


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Designed as a family tent, the Stansport Hunter Series Trophy Hunter Tent can comfortably accommodate 3 people. The tent was built as a frontier for their goal, to let more and more people camp together. Below we take a keener look at each of the tent’s features:



The tent houses a dome shape that servers to not only improve stability of the tent against winds but also help maximize interior height. This makes sure that movement inside the tent is hassle free. The tent is built with strong materials to help alleviate the tear and wear of day to day camping.



As with any tent, especially those which are not solo tents, space is key to having a great outdoor vacation. Luckily, Stansport addresses this issue well in the Trophy Hunter tent. The 7′ X 7′ tent comes with up to 47 sq. feet of floor area. This is adequate space for 3 people allowing you to move in and out of the tent without waking up everyone. The space also allows you to store your belongings inside the tent

On top of that, the tent also has an interior height of 54 inches allowing you to sit comfortably inside the tent as well as maximizing ventilation so that the tent never feels crowded.



Another big issue in most tents is ventilation. You will be glad to know that the Stansport Trophy Hunter tent comes with large mesh panels guaranteed to maximize air flow inside the tent. This leaves no room for condensation or moisture allowing you fresh air whenever you need it.

On those hot days, you can also open up the two doors allowing maximum airflow inside the tent leaving it cool and fresh.



The Stansport Trophy Hunter tent offers ample performance during the rainy season thanks to its full rainfly that comes with sealed seams for maximum protection. In addition to that, there’s also a peak roof that helps keep the tent dry during a wet season.

The bath tub floor design helps keep the tent moisture free. It also has sleeved pole construction for additional stability and strength even in high winds.


My Final Thoughts

All in all, at a very affordable price on Amazon, the Stansport Hunter Series Trophy Hunter tent is a great bargain for anyone looking to spend some outdoor quality time with friends or family. I highly recommend this  tent to those new to hiking or camping and are looking for something that doesn’t break the bank.

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