Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent

Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent

Choosing the right backpacking tent can be very advantageous when you are a newbie to camping/hiking, and selecting a backpacking tent, from a huge variety of products can be difficult. This article will guide you through the basics of backpacking tent and will help you choose the best product. The key points which we should keep in mind while buying a backpacking tent should be,

Capacity– The number of people likely to sleep in the tent

Seasonality– If it is favorable for all seasons or weather conditions.

Weight– Is it easy to carry?

Livability– The comfort of living in the tent.

Packing up the best tent can always increase your coziness and enjoyment in a Hiking trip. Stansport is an outdoor company which has been in the lead in providing quality camping and hiking gears since 1949 and has managed to become one of the best outdoor gear selling companies in the World. Stansport has been giving the Hiking lovers quality merchandise and making camping fun. Stansport has been known for its quality and durability. Bearing in mind, all the key points above, the Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent should be your best choice. It is a lightweight and compact tent which is prime for camping anywhere. Designed with the imported superior 190T polyester, let us take a look at the amazing Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent, and why it should be your best choice.

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The Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent is 5 feet × 7 feet tent, which can cozily adjust 2 people. It allows plenty of room for 2 people to sleep in. Since the height of the tent is at 5 feet, walking and moving around the tent is also easy and convenient. Stansport review says, that even with 2 people, there is still, a place for your personal belongings.

WeightStansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent3

The weight of the Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent is only at 5 lbs., which is lesser than any backpacking tent available in the market. Therefore, it is easy to carry. It can also be reduced to a small 13’’×7’’, and therefore, won’t slow you down. It can easily be placed in your backpack and easily be stored in your car for transportability. You can easily take it with you, whenever and wherever you want to.

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The Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent is carefully crafted with the 190T durable polyester material. It also has P.U coated floor, which ensures durability and hence, many years of quality use. It has also got sleeved pole guides for extra durability against winds. Since it is crafted with the durable polyester material it is also very difficult to tear.

Easy to Set up

The Tent comes in with fiberglass poles, which is a cake walk even for Beginners.


Who wants an airless, suffocating tent? The tent comes with a “no-see-um” mesh, which not only prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering the tent but also, provides ample ventilation. Though it provides ample ventilation, it does not even allow the smallest fly to enter the tent.

Quick Access

The large front door, enables quick access. The Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent comes in with a large zipper on the tent door, and hence, easy entry and exit.


The Stansport Starlite Mesh Backpack Tent is firmly supported by two shock-corded fiberglass poles, ensures that it hang on even in heavy wind or rain. The tent is provided with a colored rain fly, which is perfect for the privacy, but it looks great in visibility. The tent has got 2000mm PU coated polyester floor, which, during the rainy days, keep the tents floor waterproofed and factory sealed. The tent provides ample ventilation, and hence, it also provides a wonderful way to be astounded by stargazing at night. The surprising relaxation one gets by sleeping in the tent, can make you forget you are not in your bedroom. Since, it comes down to a shape of a small bag after packing, it constitutes to the advantage.

Final Thoughts

The Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent is a great 4 season tent, that thrives on quality performance for experienced and beginner Hikers, and makes the journey of camping/hiking more enthralling and captivating. Moreover, it also provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We highly recommend the Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent for everybody who would love to explore nature. It is also perfect for artists and writers who crave for solitude from urban life.

Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent3    Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent2    Stansport Starlite II Mesh Backpack Tent

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