Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent

Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent

Planning a backpacking trip can be a meticulous task. Since the luggage is essentially one backpack or rucksack per person, the trip should be planned in such a way that all necessary items are included, while maintaining a manageable weight. Sleeping bags and tents form a major portion of this weight. These are two extremely important items and are a must on a trek. Tents and sleeping bags ensure that you sleep comfortably at night and are reasonably protected from rain and other natural elements. However, carrying and setting up a bulky tent is an arduous task. It is advisable to carry light weight solo tents, which are easy to set up, easy to pack and gives each trekker, a certain amount of privacy. The Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent is perfect for this purpose.

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Why Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent?

There are many reasons why the Texsport First Gear Cliff Hanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent is the best in the business. Some of these reasons are given below…..


Most tents that are intended for one person are usually cramped and uncomfortable. After lying down in these tents, there is no space to breathe. Indeed, most solo hikers prefer to carry a bulky two person tent or no tent at all just to have a sleep comfortably. However, at 6 feet 7 inches by 2 feet 5 inches and a height of 43 inches, this tent offers enough space for an individual to lie down and not feel claustrophobic.

Light and Easy to CarryTexsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent

When you load this tent in your backpack, a pleasant surprise awaits you. This tent weighs slightly more than 3 pounds, 3.5 pounds at most, making it an ideal tent for backpackers and for those out on a trek.

Secure and Durable

Do not be fooled by the tent’s size or its weight. The Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent is as strong and durable as any other tent. The body of this tent is made from heavy duty 1000 mm taffeta, while the floor is made up of similar material, only with a thickness of 1500 mm for extra protection. This tent is covered with a polyurethane coating for extra reinforcements. Flame retardant and water proof, this tent can be used in all seasons, except in heavy winters and snow.

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Lets you Breathe

The tent comes with two side flaps which act as vents for better air circulation. This innovative design lets you breathe easily and without discomfort. The main entrance is a huge flap in the front, which can be zipped up from the inside. In addition, the tent is covered with a “no-see-um” mesh. This mesh makes it impossible to look inside the tent from the open air flaps. This protects the privacy of the user without blocking air supply.


Easy to Set Up

Gone are the days when setting up a tent used to be a mammoth task, impossible for one person to accomplish single-handed and usually with a comic ending. With the FG7 Quick set system provided in the Texsport First Gear, you can bid those days goodbye. Complete with tent poles, secure clips, stakes and nylon ropes, this tent is childishly easy to set up. There is also a stylish bag to carry the poles around when the tent is dismantled.



A little bit of fashion hurts no one, especially if the style does not compromise on usability. The tent, available in two striking colors of Moss Green and Steel Gray, makes sure that you always look good when you camp out.


Final Thoughts

A trek is a holiday fraught with adventure. If you are prepared to rough it out amidst treacherous trails, walk for miles and miles and generally, give up every kind of luxury for the simple joys of being in nature, a trekking holiday is perfect for you. While such vacations come with their own set of risks, it is up to us to minimize those dangers as much as possible. This is why; choosing proper trekking equipment becomes an important task, as the wrong equipment can seriously sabotage a trekking trip. The Texsport First Gear Cliffhanger 1 Three Season Backpacking Tent is the perfect choice, both for the novice as well as for the seasoned backpacker.

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