Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome 3-Person Tent Review

Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome 3-Person Tent Review

Planning for that perfect weekend getaway or outdoor venture is usually a challenging task. One needs to organize on how best to pack so as to avoid carrying excess luggage. The most important thing to pack whenever camping is the tent. A good tent guarantees that your outdoor venture won’t turn out to be a disappointing day. A camping tent needs to be lightweight, easy to install, made of quality fabric and of course worth its price. It also needs to be spacious and coupled with a lot of features so as to stand out. An example of a highly recommended tent for those who are not travelling solo is the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome 3-Person Tent.

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The tent is made by a well-known manufacturer, Wenzel. The Wenzel Company has been around since 1887 specializing in manufacturing quality products as well as spearheading new and innovative ideas for the outdoor industry. Their tents are usually of good build quality and have been tested to ascertain that. On top of that, the following is a compilation of the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport tent features:

Easy to Install

Complete with a new shock corded fiberglass frame system with pin and ring and steel stakes, the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport tent ensures that you can set it in a less than 10 minutes. You no longer have to fumble with your tents as the tent comes with clear and simple to understand instructions that people who are new to camping will find helpful.


The 3 person tent measures 7 by 7 covering a floor sq. Area of 49. This allows enough room for up to 3 sleeping bags. The tent also has an internal height of 50 inches allowing you to move comfortably inside the tent without too much hassle. On top of that, the tent also has a Dutch “D” styled door for easy entry and exit.

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Those travelling light will be pleased to know that the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome 3-Person Tent weighs only 5 pounds. This makes it the ideal backpacking tent for those travelling in groups of 3.


Ventilation is an important feature in every tent. The Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome

tent is a well-ventilated tent complete with No-see-um Mesh roof vents and two windows for excellent ventilation. This ensures that there is airflow inside the tent and gives you a peace of mind when it comes to fresh air. The vents also ensure that condensation does not happen inside the tent.

Quality Material

Coupled with state of the art material such as carbon fiber for pole material, No-see-um Mesh, fiberglass frame and steel pegs, the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport tent ensures that your outdoor venture is an experience to remember. The quality materials as well as fabric make the tent durable even in the face of bad climate.


Most tents are designed to work during a specific season. Unlike those tents, the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome was built for 3 seasons allowing the best performance during each. The rugged welded polyethylene floor provides excellent waterproof properties during the rainy days. The carbon fiber poles give the tent its free standing posture that helps it maintain stability even in high winds.

Final Thoughts

Specially designed for campers and hikers with its simplicity and affordability, the Wenzel Ridgeline Sport Dome 3-Person Tent clearly stands out in a crowd of many. It offers ample performance for its cost and is a great choice for newcomers in the outdoor industry as well as experienced campers.

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